Services for Occupational Therapists

I have been an occupational therapist for 17 years and I have found school based therapy to be one of the most fun and fulfilling settings. I noticed there are many OTs out there that want to transition into school based therapy but they hold themselves back because they have limited pediatric experience. I designed these services to fill the gap and give OTs the confidence to work in school based settings. Get ready to wow school administrators with your knowledge and expertise! I looking forward to connecting with you!

School Based Occupational Therapy Course

Are you an occupational therapist that wants to transition into school based occupational therapy but you have limited or no pediatric experience. Do you need a crash course in school based occupational therapy? This course gives you a complete overview of basic theory, treatment activities, and school procedures. The course is in a downloadable PDF that is yours to keep. Ready to jump start your school occupational therapy career? Ready to have some fun?! Buy now!

Price: $75

School Based Occupational Therapy Coaching

Receive a private 1 hour telephone or video coaching call. We will discuss treatment activities, documentation expectations, and school procedures. I will answer all of your questions about the day to day role of a school based OT, including teletherapy. Includes the School Based Occupational Therapy Course.

Price: $75

Compassion Fatigue Coaching

As a rehab therapist that has worked in a variety of settings, including skilled nursing facilities, acute care, and private clinics I experienced compassion fatigue first hand. I constantly felt burnt out, tired, and anxious. Although I was good at my job everyday felt like a struggle to stay present and be totally engaged. My mind was always on trying to figure my way out of the career I had worked so hard to achieve. I would get home feeling exhausted and had no energy left for my own family and personal interests. If this sounds familiar you may be experiencing compassion fatigue as well. As caregivers we are taught to take care of others but not how to take care ourselves. My experience led me to become a compassion fatigue coach. As a coach I will assist you on developing a plan to increase self-care, resiliency, and compassion satisfaction. I will teach you strategies to calm your parasympathetic nervous system and prevent external work factors from affecting your wellbeing. Book a session below.

Not sure if compassion fatigue coaching is for you? Book a 15 minute complementary phone consultation to get more information and ask any questions you may have. Email to book.

Compassion Fatigue Coaching Session (phone or video call only)