Must Ask Questions When Choosing a Daycare

Zion at daycare!

Choosing a daycare can be one of the most important decisions you make as a parent. All types of questions may swirl through your mind. Will my child be safe there? Will my child learn enough there? Are the caregivers kind to the children? Along with the questions and thoughts may come some stress and anxiety. Being prepared with a list of questions should help make the process a bit smoother. When touring daycares for my son I asked many questions and left nothing to assumption. I also read online reviews of the centers. Here are some of the questions I found most helpful when choosing my son’s daycare center.

  1. How may children do you have each day?
  2. How many staff members do you have each day?
  3. What is your procedure if a staff member calls out sick?
  4. Who else lives in the home and do they have access to the daycare portion of the home?
  5. What is your procedure if a child is sick or injured?
  6. Do you post the children on your social media?
  7. Do you send parents pictures or updates during the day?
  8. Do you follow a formal educational or lesson plan?
  9. What is the daily schedule for the daycare center?
  10. How is food prepared and what types of meals do you provide? Can I provide my own food if I choose?
  11. Is this a licensed daycare? Does all staff have CPR and first aide training?
  12. How long have you been in operation?
  13. Do you provide tours to prospective parents when the children are present?
  14. Do you follow SIDS prevention protocols when putting infants to sleep? (Very important to ask! Do not assume they do!)
  15. Do you go on outings or field trips? What if I don’t want my child to participate?
  16. Do you give me updates on what my child is learning so can carryover your teachings at home?
  17. Do you help with potty training?
  18. Do you accept children that are not vaccinated?
  19. What are your Covid-19 precautions?
  20. Do your children have a lot of fun?!
  21. The more prepared and confident you are in what you are looking for the less stress and anxiety you should feel. Happy searching!

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