Ergonomic Baby Nursery Consults

Receive a customized ergonomic consult for your baby nursery. Learn how to put together a functional and eye pleasing baby nursery that has the wellness and safety needs of both mommy and baby in mind. Ergonomics includes body mechanics, furniture placement, lighting, color, noise, temperature, and humidity.

Consultation Process

  1. Answer a questionnaire to assess your individual wellness needs and design needs.
  2. Email pictures or a video of the room.
  3. We will have 30 minute phone or video consultation to go over ecommendations.
  4. Receive a detailed report on the ergonomic baby nursery consultation.
  5. Contact us for questions or booking:

Maternal/Postpartum Wellness Coaching

Maternal Wellness Coaching includes:

  • Postpartum health
  • Maternal anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Organizational strategies

To book a session or a free 15 minute consultation please email I look forward to speaking with you!