How I Learned to Love Meditation

My first Reiki session taught me how to focus on my blockages and meditate with purpose.
So I recently decided to try meditation once again. I’ve tried it many times in the past and I never really got it. It always seemed very boring and tedious. I just never really knew what to actually do. Recently a friend of mine gave me a Reiki session as a gift. I didnt know much about Reiki and I actually enjoyed it. Reiki focuses on energy points on the body. I found out that I had a couple of my chakras blocked, namely the throat and pelvic chakras. I learned that each chakra is related to a color and sound so I decided to try meditation in relation to the chakras that were blocked. So for example, the throat chakra is related to communication and the color blue.

So now when I meditate I close my eyes on visualize the color blue and think or say different mantras that go along with the throat chakra. Examples are “What I have to say is important”, “The world needs my voice”, or “I have words of value”. The pelvic chakra is related to the color orange which is about creativity, passion, and living life. When I meditate on the color orange and I’ll think of beautiful orange sunsets or just an orange light radiating right under my belly button. I’ll say things like “I’m a creative being”, or “The world needs my creativity”. These practices have made meditation so much more meaningful because I actually have something tangible to do.

I also meditate for a short period of time. I used to try and force myself to do 10 minutes or or longer. And it just never really worked so now I meditate for maybe four minutes while my food is warming up in the microwave. Or I’ll sit in the car before getting out and do a minute. Just those short little meditation breaks really help and it doesn’t feel forced or tedious. It doesn’t feel hard or boring because I realized that I don’t have to be meditating the way everyone else is. I may incorporate a yoga pose if I’m home or sometimes I’ll do different hand poises to enhance the meditation. I can finally say that I enjoy meditating! Leave me comment and let me know how work meditation into your self-care rountine.

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