Hello, I’m Tiffanny Hobbs!

I am an occupational therapist and maternal/postpartum wellness coach. My passion is examining the occupation of motherhood and empowering moms to live their healthiest lives through my maternal/postpartum wellness coaching. I am also a Certified Mental Health and Integrative Medicine Provider and believe in prioritizing self-care for mommies. Check out our ergonomic baby nursery consults and wellness products. Read the blog to come along on my motherhood journey and learn quick self-care tips I use as well recommend to my clients!

Ergonomic Baby Nursery Consults

My background as an occupational therapist has empowered me to consult mothers on how to put together a functional and eye pleasing baby nursery with the wellness of both baby and mommy in mind.

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Maternal/Postpartum Wellness Coaching

I support mothers in overall wellness and managing motherhood anxiety. I love providing moms with quick and practical self-care tips to decrease stress and increase energy to keep up with our little ones.

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Compassion Fatigue Coaching

As a an occupational therapist for 17 years I have exhibited compassion fatigue first hand. If you’re a therapist and you’ve been feeling burnt out and emotionally exhausted you may benefit from compassion fatigue coaching.

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Must Ask Questions When Choosing a Daycare

Choosing a daycare can be one of the most important decisions you make as a parent. All types of questions may swirl through your mind. Will my child be safe there? Will my child learn enough there? Are the caregivers kind to the children? Along with the questions and thoughts may come some stress and anxiety.

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Increase Your Energy By Taking the First Step

My family has been living in our current apartment for a year now and believe it or not I am still not finished unpacking all of our things. The main area that needed attending to was the balcony which was basically being used as storage. I had many days when I glanced at all the boxes and miscellaneous objects and decided..

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The Power of Putting Yourself First

Has there ever been a morning when you have found yourself racing around the house, hanging on by a string, just trying to keep it together? This used to be my morning every day. From the moment I woke up it was go, go, go! Between getting myself ready for work, the baby ready for daycare, caring for the dog, feeding everyone, and watching the clock I used to be a ball of anxiety.

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